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What is the total construction funding for MRT-Wuri Wenxin Beitun Line? Has the relevant budget been arranged?
I. The total funding for this plan is approximately 51.39 billion NT Dollars.
II. The relevant budget for this plan has been arranged, explained as follows:
1. In 2004, this plan was approved under the Executive Yuan’s evaluation principles, then the central government arranged for 568 million NT Dollars to conduct planning and design. At the current time, the plan has progressed to the detail design stage of civil engineering and construction.
2. In 2009, the central government arranged for 1.002 billion NT Dollars; in 2010 it arranged for 574.75 million NT Dollars; in 2011 it arranged for 100 million NT Dollars for construction. The Taichung City Government arranged for 1.4 billion NT Dollars in 2008, 1.113 billion NT Dollars in 2010, and 270 million NT Dollars in 2011 for land acquisition. In 2010, 990 million NT Dollars was earmarked for construction.
3. The central government and Taichung City government will make annual budgets based on construction progress to promote the MRT construction.
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