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How does MRT-Wuri Wenxin Beitun Line acquire its land?
I. Legal basis:
Article 6 of Mass Rapid Transit Act: Land for the construction of the MRT system shall be duly expropriated or appropriated.” Article 7: Land for the construction of MRT system lines, sites, stations, and surrounding areas shall be obtained through means of compensated appropriation, purchase agreement, city land rezoning, or zone expropriation; for the purchase agreements, the competent authorities shall establish advantageous methods; if negotiations fail, the competent authorities shall apply for expropriation in accordance with the law.”
II. Land acquisition for the Beitun machinery plant (including G0 and G3 stations):
Zone expropriation, arranged by the Land Administration Bureau of Taichung City Government.
III. Land for rail yards and stations on the main line:
The sites and stations with potential for land development shall have land development as the objective; if land development fails, negotiations for purchase or typical expropriation are used to obtain the land.
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