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Why is the MRT not constructed underground?
I. Construction plans for the MRT-Wuri Wenxin Beitun Line began in 1990 wit...<Detail>
Will the MRT-Wuri Wenxin Beitun Line be extended to Dakeng?
I. Considering the close relations between Changhua City and Taichung City,...<Detail>
Which MRT stations in Taichung City require land development? What is the content of development
1. 7 stations and sites in Taichung will have land development, which are: ...<Detail>
What is land development? Why is land development necessary? What are the procedures for land development?
I. What is land development: Similar to civic cases of land cooperative c...<Detail>
How does MRT-Wuri Wenxin Beitun Line acquire its land?
I. Legal basis: Article 6 of Mass Rapid Transit Act: Land for the constr...<Detail>
What is the total construction funding for MRT-Wuri Wenxin Beitun Line? Has the relevant budget been arranged?
I. The total funding for this plan is approximately 51.39 billion NT Dollar...<Detail>
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