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Demolition of the Footbridge at the Crossing of Wenxin Road and Daya Road Lasted Three Days
Demolition of the Footbridge the workers dismantled, welded.
Demolition of the Footbridge cut one section of the bridge.
Due to the construction of of the Taichung MRT Wuri Wenxin Beitun Line (Green Line), the three-sided footbridge at the crossing of Wenxin Road, and Zhongqin Road/Daya Road was demolished. Demolition lasted three days beginning on October 15 with work being done between the hours of 23:30 and 5:30. On the first day of the demolition, the workers dismantled, welded, and cut one section of the bridge and transported the wreckage out from the site. The first day’s demolition was completed at 3 o’clock a.m. on October 16 and the road was re-opened at the same time. The Taichung Ctiy Government Transportation Bureau pointed out that the demolition of the other two sections of the footbridge across section 4 of Wenxin Road and Zhongqin Road would be done on the early mornings of October 17 and 18, and asked road users to detour around the demolition area.

The Transportation Bureau pointed out that this three-sided footbridge had to be demolished because it was located at the Taichung MRT Green Line’s proposed G7 Station. In order to protect the public and reduce traffic disruptions, the Bureau decided to demolish the footbridge during the late evening and early morning hours of October 15,16, 17, and 18. The Daya Road section was dismantled on the first day, followed by the Wenxin Road section 4, and the section across Zhongqin Road. Demolition each day lasted about 6 hours, and the roads were re-opened as soon as the day’s demolition was completed. The abutments were torn down in the daytime.

The Transportation Bureau expressed that it had asked the construction unit to carry out the approved traffic maintenance plan and published a detailed map of detours for road users. The bureau also asked the Police Broadcasting Service and the neighboring CMS to inform road users of the road closure to maintain traffic safety during the midnight demolition.
Demolition of the Footbridge transported the wreckage out from the site.
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